No more side dock hovering

Leopard Dock (old)With just a few more days to go until the final release of the newest member of the Mac OS X family, there seem to be some exciting changes since the last b├Ęta version.

One of those things is the Dock. With Leopard, Apple has given the Dock a shiny new 3D-ish look: in 10.5, all the icons look like they are hovering above some sort of “shelf”. In doing so, they missed one small issue: the new Dock looks ridiculously when placed on the side.

Being one of those “side Dock users” myself, I wasn’t too happy about this development and especially from a usability point of view, I definitely wouldn’t call it an improvement. I was among plenty of others.

Turns out, they listened :) The latest version of Leopard, the one we can find on the shelves of any Apple Store in just a few days, sports a revamped side-Dock! When placed on the side, the look of the new Dock changes to a sleeker, darker, rounded version of the Tiger-dock and that looks just fine:

Leopard Dock (new)

Thanks, Apple :)

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