iPod nano – 42 grams of pure pleasure

The new iPod nano - BlackYou have to give it up for Apple, because they did it again. This new iPod nano just has to make you drewl. This just has to be the sexiest MP3 player Apple ever delivered, especially in black.
Of course I can’t really tell until I get my hands on one, but things look really good for the nano. It’s small, light weight, and it comes in black. The battery capacity is not that great (it will only play for 14 hours), but it offers a lot in return and hey, it only weighs 42 grams!

The nano will replace the iPod mini, leaving Apple with a complete coverage of the MP3 player market:

  • A big harddisk player, with plenty of capacity and a color screen
  • A slim, lightweight player, with a nice amount of storage capacity, and a color screen
  • A tiny player you use when going for a walk. No screen, barely any buttons, just music

I think Apple made a very good move replacing the iPod mini. It had all the disadvantages of it’s larger brother (mainly the fragility of a hard-drive), and it was only slightly smaller in size, while significantly smaller in capacity.

Can’t wait to get my hands on one ;)

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