Battery Status Widget

Battery IconKim Bauters has built a nice Battery Status widget for Mac OS X Tiger’s Dashboard. It is roughly based on coconutBattery and it will show you your battery fitness (current capacity), the number of charge cycles it’s been through, and a graphical representation of your battery’s decay.
According to this widget, my battery is still almost brand new, which is a miracle considering the way I abuse my PowerBook: I use it as a drop-in desktop replacement, but when the weather is nice, I yank it off it’s charger for use on the much cooler balcony. I take it to college a few days a week, and it barely ever gets properly charged in between.
About twice a month it gets to go on a nice long trip through the country, so it does get completely drained regularly enough.
Below, you’ll find links to download this widget from it’s original location, or from my personal mirror. It’s not yet available through Apple’s own Widget Repository.
A screenshot of the battery widget on my system

Download from: original location or my mirror.

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