Safari’s ridiculously easy bookmark shortcuts

delicious logoI’ve always been an avid user of delicious for my bookmarks. I love the way I can just type away on tags, without having to worry about cataloguing my bookmarks in hierarchical folders. Moreover, my bookmarks are stored online, so as long as there are no Ma.gnolia-like debacles, I can access them from wherever I want. This alone makes me prefer Delicious over any browser’s built-in solution.

Adding the bookmarks, however, has always been somewhat of a hassle. Delicious offers bookmarklets, small snippets of JavaScript you save as bookmark to access them, which when added to the bookmarks bar of your browser, act like “buttons” you can press to bookmark the current page. However, I always hated having to pick up my mouse to click on the bookmarklet, so I ended up trying all kinds of Delicious applications for my Mac, such as DeliciousSafari and Pukka. Some of these apps are pretty expensive for just adding bookmarks, but what’s worse is they tend to be stuffed with unnecessary features to justify the price. All I really wanted was a keyboard shortcut to bookmark a page to delicious. As it turns out, Safari can already do that just fine on its own.

Anything you put in the bookmarks bar, you can access with cmd + the place of the bookmark in the bar (from the left). This means ⌘1 opens the first bookmark, ⌘2 the second and so on. Combine this with bookmarklets and you have keyboard shortcuts for things like adding a delicious bookmark without any third party apps. As you can see, I also use this for other services that provide bookmarklets, such as Evernote.

Safari Bookmarklets

4 Responses to “Safari’s ridiculously easy bookmark shortcuts”

  1. bramn says:

    Nice tip Michel, thanks, that solves one side of the Safari/Delicious combi UX, but how do you ‘use’ your delicious bookmarks in Safari? Just surf to your profile page?

  2. Michel says:

    I’m actually quite fond of delicious’ web interface (especially the “stacked” tag filter bar), so that’s what I use to ‘consume’ my bookmarks. I’ve tried using SafariLicious for that too, but their solution (put all tags in a menu, with the bookmarks behind them) didn’t work for me at all. Pukka was much better, but is implemented as a separate application, so it feels even less integrated into Safari than visiting

    Besides, I mostly use delicious for things I want to keep track of and hope to be able to find back much later when I need them. Frequently used items do get a ‘native’ bookmark in my browser.

  3. Simon says:

    Try , it beats the shit out of delicious in my opinion, since it utilises the browsers local bookmark system, and simply syncs them to the web.
    So you can access them online, everywhere, but on your own computers you have synced bookmarks through the normal interface.
    Won’t give you the tags though, since you’re using safari. Switching to firefox will fix that problem ;)

    Available on most major browsers.

  4. Michel says:

    Thanks for the tip. I might actually use that in addition to delicious to sync my bookmarks between computers (I currently use MobileMe for that), but I won’t use it as a replacement for delicious itself.

    The way I use delicious is more like a tagged “backlog” of stuff I find on the web, so that I can more easily find it later when I need it. That’s quite different from how I use my browser’s bookmarks, which I tend to use on a daily basis. In fact, there’s hardly any overlap between the around 550 delicious bookmarks and the ±20 bookmarks I have in Safari.

    I have tried integrated solutions like Safarilicious (some of them can also sync) to access my delicious bookmarks straight from the browser, but I haven’t found any that beats delicious’ own web interface yet. Like you said: Safari doesn’t understand the concept of tags, and they are essential to finding my stuff back :P