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Rapid Prototyping Physical Environments

Physical environments play an increasingly important role in designing digital products and services. In a world of mobile devices and connected things, how they all fit together in physical space becomes just as important as the design of the individual … Continue reading 

Design and the Developing World

A few days ago, a tweet by Amy Quispe appeared in my feed: Saw someone on fb say a comment re:smartphone battery life is a "first world problem" but it's actually *such* a third world problem. — Amy Quispe (@amyquispe) … Continue reading 

Lessons from dConstruct 2012

This week was the eight edition of the dConstruct conference in Brighton. It was a day of information overload and inspiration, and offered plenty of food for thought. From my notes, I have tried to distill the most important messages … Continue reading 

A Mac OS X Vector Arrow Cursor

Many times when making mockups or design illustrations, I have found myself wanting to include a cursor in the image to show what the user would click on. I have scoured Google Image search too many times, looking for a … Continue reading 

Misunderstanding Minimalism

Microsoft has historically not been known for their strong design and taste, but in the age of Metro it’s too easy to say they fundamentally don’t care about design. In fact, the Metro Design Language, with its focus on content … Continue reading 

Dynamically Generated CSS Images in LESS

In solving some of the problems needed to create my pure CSS progress bars with rounded corners, I ended up using a combination of two backgrounds: a background-color and a background-image. Unfortunately, images are rather static, inflexible things. They require … Continue reading 

Faster iPad Text Navigation

Tablets are not just for consuming content, but navigating the cursor in text to make changes, correct mistakes and so on is still kind of painful. Daniel Hooper was frustrated by how tedious text editing is on an iPad and … Continue reading