About Michel Jansen


About me

Hi, I’m Michel. I’m a generalist experience designer and technologist from the Netherlands. I am currently leading service design for Aegon at cXstudio, a dedicated experience design and development studio in The Hague. Previously, I did similar things as a Senior User Experience Architect at Tribal Worldwide London and at Syzygy. I have also spent some time as head of UX at Lokku, working on all things related to the user experience of Nestoria, and at Siemens Corporate Research, where I worked on innovative interfaces for healthcare and industrial applications. Although I have a background in Human Computer Interaction and Computer Science, my interests lie much broader. I am especially interested in the way people interact with various systems; especially when those systems are integrated in their lives or society as a whole. I have a passion for design, especially when it comes to physical or tangible interfaces. Check the projects page to see what I mean.