Twente Milieu Afval-iCalender

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Forgot to put out the trash again? Twente Milieu collects recycled paper, plastic and biomass once a month, which often leaves the less organised among us with heaps of stuff piling up. To scratch my own itch, I’ve made a simple afval iCalender webapp that scrapes the website of Twente Milieu and turns it into an iCalendar feed to subscribe your iCal, Google Calendar and mobile phones to.

For those living in an area served by Twente Milieu, I offer it free of charge (obviously without any warranties). Just go to and enter your address. If you want to build or host your own, you can find the source on the project’s github page. It’s just a few lines of Ruby powered by Sinatra. You may also post bugreports there should you run into trouble. Enjoy!

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  1. Pel says:


    the link you mention seems to be down, though there have been some changes in their webservices, too. I recently needed a simple way of retrieving the next pickup type and date for my home automation system and wrote a little Perl/CGI ‘hack’ for this. The API they use for the Android/iOS client is located here:

    The WSDL basically says it all.