CBMI 2008

Queen Mary University of London (logo)For something that has kept me busy for the past few months, it’s amazing I haven’t written anything about it yet right here, on my weblog. A couple of months ago, I finished my bachelor thesis research on the subject of video browsing. I picked an interesting research subject, built a paper about it. It was very well received and my teachers suggested I’d try to get it published.

I did, and it got accepted for presentation at the Sixth International Workshop on Content-Based Multimedia Indexing (CBMI 2008). It took some rewriting, with the help of some co authors of course, but the revised paper will be in the proceedings of this conference.

Yesterday, I was pretty happy I didn’t brag about anything or raised any expectations, because it was looking more and more like I was never going to get here at all. A defect in the railway tracks, combined with the enduring bus strikes, caused me to get stuck in Enschede for well over an hour. Those of you who followed me on Twitter will know that after that I had to suffer another delay due to getting stuck behind people on the escalators.

Luckily, it all turned out right in the end. I was able to catch my flight (partly due to some serious rally racing by my mother, thanks for that) and have arrived safely in my small, but decent room on the campus of Queen Mary University of London. After a very short night’s sleep, I am looking forward to my first scientific conference. I will keep you posted!

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