Mac OS X Bluetooth Send File made easy

I’ve been looking for hours for an easy way to send files from my Powerbook to my cellphone directly from the finder (using OBEX push for those who care).
The default way to do this, is to go to the bluetooth icon in the Mac OS X menu bar, open its menu, choose “Send File…” and pick the files that need to be sent from the open dialog that pops up. Quite frankly, that just sucks. When I want to send a file, I want to look it up using Finder, just as I would do with any other file, and not via a crappy file open dialog that only remembers the last location I used to send a file.
I had already found out that it is possible to drag a file from the finder to the Bluetooth Send File open dialog, but then it would only open its containing directory, and you’d have to find and select the file again by hand. I had at least expected some kind of contextual menu for “Send this file using Bluetooth” or something, but no such thing existed.
Until I stumbled upon something today: a Finder key shortcut!
Yes, that’s right. It is possible to send files directly from finder. Just select one, and hit command + shift + B on your keyboard. The Send File dialog pops up, and asks for the device, and then it’s done.
Unfortunately, this only works for a single file. Selecting multiple files completely breaks the shortkey (e.g. it won’t do anything, nor give any feedback).
Let’s hope Apple fixes this (as far as I know undocumented) feature, because I think it’s really kind of useful :)

48 Responses to “Mac OS X Bluetooth Send File made easy”

  1. Nueens says:

    Je kan ook automator hiervoor gebruiken:

    Deze openen in Automator, save as plug-in > Finder en hoppa, je hebt je contextuele menu.

  2. Billy Howard Carreno says:

    Yes, that’s true I was putting the file Browsing in the pop up but only you can find the fime for example in the desktop and drag it to the popup and click to send button, ho wonderful I was very tired but is very easy. thank you Michael

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  4. nick says:

    I’ve been wondeing about this for quite some time! Was hoping they would implement it in Leopard. Thanks for the find!!

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  9. Onarap says:

    Unfortunately with Fugu installed it seems that command+shift+B starts a “secure copy file” with Fugu and not a Bluetooth “send file”…

  10. terr says:

    ” I had at least expected some kind of contextual menu for “Send this file using Bluetooth

  11. Michel says:

    “Clutter like this is what makes windows so bad”
    I agree. Note that I wrote this over a year ago, when I was still relatively new to the Mac OS X platform and less used to the way things work in Mac OS X :)

    However, considering “create archive” and “print” are contained in a file’s contextual menu, I would have preferred some kind of consistency. Right mouse or not, pick one.

    At least I now see that the shortkey isn’t entirely undocumented, as it is listed under “Services”. Too bad it still doesn’t work for more than one file.

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  15. x says:

    it doesn’t work any of them.
    i can’t even open the window and there is no send to bluetooth in services in finder, but if i saend something to my computer, bluetooth IS working.
    can u help me?

  16. GT says:

    Good handy find…. I found this also works when you select a song in iTunes.

  17. Julian says:

    It works GREAT !!! THANK YOU.

  18. cheryl says:

    Oh My God thankyou oh so very much!

  19. Rolf says:

    It should be possible to access b luetootha as a filesystem using MacFuse… I’m looking into that.

  20. harikrishnan says:

    Hai everybody,
    I bought a mac note last week.but i have a problem with to connect bluetooth to my N73 mobile . please help me some one………………

  21. Traf says:

    I get the Note ” This Device does not have the necessary services”….
    I have an iphone 3g… what services do i need to download for this to work?
    someone please let me know.

  22. sebastian says:

    I hit command+shift+b and then a menu comes up asking where i want to send it, i want to send it to my cellphone but it doesn’t appear! What am I supposed to do?? please answer to this!!!

  23. Michel says:

    @Traf: iPhones do not support OBEX file transfer :/

    @sebastian: you should first pair the phone with your Mac. This can be done in the Bluetooth System Preferences panel :)

  24. Kent Williams says:


  25. k says:

    Do you know how to turn off that hotkey? for some idiotic reason it isn’t listed in keyboard preferences, meaning I can’t use that hotkey for anything else because the stupid bluetooth thing keeps popping up :/

  26. matt says:

    Been looking around for something like this, i couldnt believe mac osx couldnt do it since i noticed that the main way my girlfriend sent her files to her phone was finding them and right clicking > send> bluetooth (in windows)

  27. gordon says:

    Thanks, the time this saved me was like saving my life.

  28. Ale says:

    Hi! Unluckily cmd-shift-B doesn’t work on 10.6…

  29. Yeah, I noticed this myself. But there’s a solution: you can re-enable the service in System Preferences. Click Finder -> Services -> Services Preferences… and tick the box in front of “Send file to bluetooth device” to enable it for Finder.

  30. David says:

    Looking for bluetooth marketing software osx.
    Any ideas?

    Searched for hours and can not find a thing.

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