Mac OS X Bluetooth Send File made easy

I’ve been looking for hours for an easy way to send files from my Powerbook to my cellphone directly from the finder (using OBEX push for those who care).
The default way to do this, is to go to the bluetooth icon in the Mac OS X menu bar, open its menu, choose “Send File…” and pick the files that need to be sent from the open dialog that pops up. Quite frankly, that just sucks. When I want to send a file, I want to look it up using Finder, just as I would do with any other file, and not via a crappy file open dialog that only remembers the last location I used to send a file.
I had already found out that it is possible to drag a file from the finder to the Bluetooth Send File open dialog, but then it would only open its containing directory, and you’d have to find and select the file again by hand. I had at least expected some kind of contextual menu for “Send this file using Bluetooth” or something, but no such thing existed.
Until I stumbled upon something today: a Finder key shortcut!
Yes, that’s right. It is possible to send files directly from finder. Just select one, and hit command + shift + B on your keyboard. The Send File dialog pops up, and asks for the device, and then it’s done.
Unfortunately, this only works for a single file. Selecting multiple files completely breaks the shortkey (e.g. it won’t do anything, nor give any feedback).
Let’s hope Apple fixes this (as far as I know undocumented) feature, because I think it’s really kind of useful :)

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