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Design and the Developing World

A few days ago, a tweet by Amy Quispe appeared in my feed: Saw someone on fb say a comment re:smartphone battery life is a "first world problem" but it's actually *such* a third world problem. — Amy Quispe (@amyquispe) … Continue reading 

A Simple Mac Web Server App

I like little single-purpose utilities that do one thing and do it well. I regularly make little web apps and prototypes and have come to rely on using the python built-in web server that comes with Mac OS X, for … Continue reading 

Lessons from dConstruct 2012

This week was the eight edition of the dConstruct conference in Brighton. It was a day of information overload and inspiration, and offered plenty of food for thought. From my notes, I have tried to distill the most important messages … Continue reading 

Test on mobile devices during development

I’m currently working on making Nestoria more friendly to users on mobile devices and one of the biggest challenges was easily testing on real mobile devices. This is important, because there is no such thing as mobile WebKit. Apple provides … Continue reading 

The Magical 7 inch

Amazon finally released its long awaited Android-based tablet today: The Kindle Fire. It’s a true tablet, with a gorgeous IPS colour touch screen and enough power to run apps and play movies. This in itself is interesting enough, but what … Continue reading 

The Importance and Problems of Autoupdate

Silently autoupdating software is amazingly powerful, but also incredibly difficult to pull off without either stifling innovation or estranging users. I was reading this post by Paul Irish on browser market pollution, or how IEx will be the new IE6. … Continue reading 

The deep reach of Google

Chrome logo

Google has ceased to be a search company years ago. It is now an advertising agency, a “bank” a app hosting, email and intranet provider, with their own office suite. The list goes on, but what it all boils down … Continue reading